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Student Success Stories

“Knowing that I can have fun while I am learning self defense gives me confidence that I can ‘kick butt’!"
~ Karena Aguilar

"Being able to defend myself against four grown men on the street was well worth my time and effort. Thanks Flowing Motion."
~Carlos Zaro

“Kung Fu is a great way for women to learn self defense and gain confidence while making lasting friendships. Thank you Sifu!"
~ Deleane Perez

“The self defense offered at Flowing Motion proved to me that a strong body and mind could accomplish anything."
~ William Greenwell

"Since going to Flowing Motion... I have better flexibility, ability to ward of colds quickly, work off excess energy which helps me to maintain a more pleasant disposition."
~ Sonja Meadows

"I highly recommend Tai Chi and Chi Kung to anyone looking to compliment their physical training regiment with a discipline that will improve their mental well being."
~ Kristopher Blount

Here's What You'll Learn

Kung fu for focus


Kung Fu teaches you how to calm the mind and relax the body. For adults and children both, this leads to greater focus at school and work.

Kung fu for self-defense


Kung Fu has been relied upon as a self-defense method for generations. And, the applications work just as well today as they did centuries ago.

Martial arts for stress relief

Stress Relief

Kung Fu and Tai Chi are unique mind-body activities that promote inner peace and tranquility. Plus, hitting stuff is great stress relief!

Kung fu for fitness


Kung Fu and Tai Chi offer health benefits that go beyond flexibility and inner calm. Both are great exercise, at any age!

Martial arts for flexibility


According to health experts, if you sit long hours you need exercise to combat the negative effects. Kung Fu and Tai Chi will help you regain lost mobility and stamina.

Kung fu is fun


And, Kung Fu is fun! Come in and try a class to see why our students say they'll choose Kung Fu over any other workout.

Learn Authentic Kung Fu and Tai Chi, Right Here In Antioch!

Dear Future Student,

  • Are you looking for martial arts instruction for yourself or your family?
  • Would you like your kids to have better focus, more confidence, and a more positive attitude?
  • Do you want to decrease stress while improving your strength, flexibility, and balance?

Then we have a program for you!

Roy Sovari martial arts instructor Antioch CAMy name is Roy Sorvari, and I'm the head instructor here at Flowing Motion Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Antioch, California.

For decades, we've shared the life-changing benefits of the Chinese martial arts with everyday people just like you. And, I've seen the positive impact kung fu and tai chi has had on my students.

Here at Flowing Motion, we'd love the opportunity to share those benefits with you and your family. In fact, we're so sure you'll love our classes, that you can take your first 3 classes, FREE!

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