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Our Mission

FlowingMotion is committed to improving your quality of life. We provide a level of expertise carefully cultivated from decades of disciplined practice and dedicated study with authentic, globally acknowledged masters of Kung Fu, Tai Chi. Qigong, and Meditation. Our sincere desire is that we can use that expertise to help you achieve health and happiness using proven techniques in stress management, energy cultivation, and other exercises designed to enhance your overall well being.


Roy Sovari kung fu instructorSifu Roy Sorvari began training in Chinese martial arts in 1982 and has studied under national and international masters. He earned his black belts in Kenpo karate, then continued his training in kung fu.

In 1984 Roy was introduced to Madam Min Ou Yang. Sifu Roy trained under her tutelage from 1992 until her passing in 2007. Her Chi Kung training was under her late husband, Professor Peng-Xing Yu, and his teacher was Master Wang Xiang Zhai. Professor Yu was taught the secrets of chi development by Tibetan Buddhist authority Norlha Rempoche.

Madam Min Ou Yang’s Tai Chi was learned directly form Yang, Chen Fu, who also taught her Tai Ji which is still mostly unknown in the Western hemisphere.

Roy achieved “tung qi,” the ultimate level of chi cultivation, through Dale Freeman under the direction of John Cole, in January of 2011, joining the ranks of the few who ever attain this high level of chi development.

Currently Roy is training under Grandmaster Rick Wing, successor of Wong, Jack Man.

For more detailed information on lineage please visit our blog.

Lynn Sorvari school managerLynn Sorvari is the School Manager and co-owner with her husband, Roy. Lynn handles all customer service issues and coordinates enrollment for new students. Lynn loves documenting our students' progress and training, and can often be seen running around the school and school events snapping pictures and recording video clips (psst... feel free to hit her up for copies!)

She is also a longtime kung fu and tai chi practitioner, and assists with teaching classes, every chance she gets. Lynn also sits on the testing and promotion committee during formal student rank evaluations. If you have questions about tai chi or our children's program, Lynn is the person to talk to.