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New Year’s Resolutions 2018 by Roy and Lynn Sorvari

There’s just something about the date January 1st that gives us all a desire to change for the better. (Sifu) Roy Sorvari and I were just talking about how any of us (ourselves included) enthusiastically make our New Year Resolutions with grand hopes that we will stick to them and make these changes a reality.…

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Lineage of Roy Sorvari

Sifu Roy Sorvari has over 35 years experience in Chinese martial arts and has studied under national and international masters. He earned his black belts in Kenpo karate through the Tracy system. Roy began his training in kung fu and tai chi chuan from Sifu Dale Freeman who began his training in kung fu from…

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Common Diet Myths

I don’t usually get tempted by those check out stand magazines, but today Newsweek (June 28 and July 5, 2010, double issue) jumped out at me.  The front cover read “The Science of Healthy Living.” I thought that sounded like a misnomer, but being intrinsically interested in health, I bought it.  The author of “Healthy…

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The Four Components of Health and Happiness by Roy Sorvari

There are four areas of life we need to exercise for optimal health, Mind, Spirit, the Energy and Diet. By building a program to encompass these four, your physical appearance will improve. The Mind: Engage in a program that increases knowledge, learn something new every day. Try not to be idol or being entertained for too…

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