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Lineage of Roy Sorvari

Sifu Roy Sorvari has over 35 years experience in Chinese martial arts and has studied under national and international masters. He earned his black belts in Kenpo karate through the Tracy system. Roy began his training in kung fu and tai chi chuan from Sifu Dale Freeman who began his training in kung fu from grandmaster Wong, Jack Man, and his tai chi training at the hands of great grandmaster William T. R. Chung.

In 1984 Sifu Roy Sorvari was introduced to Madam Min Ou Yang, undisputed world renowned Grandmaster of Yu’s Chi Kung and “All powerful China,” who taught for over 50 years in Shanghai, China, before coming to America in 1981 with her husband, Professor Peng Xi Yu, formerly “All Powerful of China,” and founder of Yu’s Chi Kung. Professor Yu was the sole heir of master Wong Shen Zhai’s Xing Yi and was taught the secrets of chi development by Tibetan Buddhist authority Norlha Rempoche.

Madame Min Ou Yang’s tai chi was learned directly from Yang, Chen Fu, who also taught her Taiji which is still mostly unknown in the western hemisphere. Sifu Roy Sorvari trained under her tutelage from 1992 until her passing in 2007.  Words cannot express our deep heartfelt appreciation for how she’s in influenced us or how much she will be missed.

Roy Sorvari achieved tung chi, the ultimate level of chi cultivation, in January 2011, by Dale Freeman under the direction of John Cole, joining the ranks of the few who ever attain this high-level of chi development.

Roy Sorvari is currently training under Grandmaster Rick Wing, successor of Wong, Jack-Man.


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