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The Four Components of Health and Happiness by Roy Sorvari

There are four areas of life we need to exercise for optimal health,
  1. Mind,
  2. Spirit,
  3. the Energy
  4. and Diet.

By building a program to encompass these four, your physical appearance will improve.

The Mind: Engage in a program that increases knowledge, learn something new every day. Try not to be idol or being entertained for too long, i.e.. TV, the movies, surfing the internet, texting, try to keep it to a minimum. Imagine life when the telephone was the only source of long distance communication. The mind needs to have direction, focus, something to sink its teeth into to be healthy. You’ll either use it or lose it.

What to choose? Any Art form that requires your mind to perform is on the right track. If you like to paint, do it. If you decide to do that, remember, you will have to pick a physical exercise program as well. All of the ancient Tai Chi/Chi Kung masters I know did calligraphy, painting, Acupuncture or music. Click here for a sample of Chi Kung

The Spirit: Determined, focused, enthusiastic, involved, engaged. My Tai Chi/Chi Kung teacher would say to the class, “I practiced every day for 12 hours for 50 years, 6 hours in the morning, eat, and then 6 hours after”. WOW 12 hour every day for 50 years. Talk about a non stoppable spirit. Oh, how She and her husband changed so many lives for the better. There are no words that can express how thankful I am that she kept teaching all the way until she passed away. 100 years old. To be part of something that great leaves the spirit humbled and in awe. Find that “something” and pass it on. The world is waiting for you to be great, people are waiting. Here are some pictures of Simu in her 90’s

The Energy: Building energy in itself is a workout. Meditation, biking, Yoga, Running, aerobics etc. which one? What kind of energy do you want to specialize in? I chose the one my Chi Kung instructor used to build and to rejuvenate her energy. It’s called Jan Jong or standing meditation. Studies have shown that meditating will increase your life and regain your youthfulness. So find a mediation that can be taught to you by an instructor. I teach a sitting and standing meditation for beginners however, you still need to be adjusted at least twice a month to get the full benefits.

Roy Sorvari has been a practitioner and student of martial arts and qigong since 1982. He has studied directly under the greatest masters of the arts, including Min Ou Yang, an internationally recognized great grand master of qigong.

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